Delivering on the promise of AI

Intelligent Decision Automation for the Enterprise Cloud Native Software as a Service

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Price & Promotion Manager

Leveraging cutting-edge AI techniques, Promotion Manager optimizes mass promotion offers and integrates granular forecasts into legacy supply chains.

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AI for CPG

Harness the power of AI to intelligently predict demand and optimize for effective promotions.

Enterprise AI Platform

Our Enterprise AI platform requires an infinitely scalable, cloud infrastructure to enable true integration, accelerate adoption times and produce tangible ROI faster while eliminating the worry of capital expenditures on hardware, networking and support infrastructure.

A cloud-native and SaaS data platform is built to handle enterprise data workloads – covering all aspects of the data journey from ingestion, validation to a proprietary data model and machine learning application hosting.

What is the Impact of Machine Learning on your business?

We can assess your data against a high-value use case to determine potential $ opportunity for your business

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Maturity assessment of your data, process, people, and technology.

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Report on overall data readiness, including data gaps and relevant use cases.

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Demonstration of how Rubikloud can impact your most relevant use case.